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(1) A stang is a pole or perch; sixteen feet and a half.

(2) An act of parliament has been since passed by which some breaches of trust have been made capital.

(3) Britannia. -SIR W. SCOTT.

(4) London. -SIR W. SCOTT.

(5) This is the revised text adopted by Dr. Hawksworth (1766). The above paragraph in the original editions (1726) takes another form, commencing:-"I told him that should I happen to live in a kingdom where lots were in vogue," &c. The names Tribnia and Langdon an not mentioned, and the "close stool" and its signification do not occur.

(6) This paragraph is not in the original editions.

(7) The original editions and Hawksworth's have Rotherhith here, though earlier in the work, Redriff is said to have been Gulliver's home in England.

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